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Schibeci Stabilisers

Terex Positrack with Schibeci Stabiliser

Enter the Terex Positrack PT100 & Schibeci Stabilizer. This combination is fast becoming accepted as the new industry standard in road stabilising, and is also very effective for occasional asphalt milling. This is the most solidly built skidsteer stabilizer available, 25mm thick plate standard, twin hydraulic drive, independent skid height adjustment, built in tilt and side shift.

The Terex PT110 has top of the class hydraulic flow and pressure to effectively drive a 1m wide mill without bogging down all the time. It has 25% more flow than the opposition equivalent, which makes all the difference when you come to operating. The tracks hold an added advantage over wheel machines with much lighter footprint, and a great spread of loading across the work surface, much easier to maintain your settings for camber etc.

The Schibeci stabilizer produces a consistent blend of materials throughout the full depth resulting in a much more durable structure of the near surface layer which reduces the risk of slumping, seal failure and rework, while the Positrack enjoys the reputation of being easily the best tracked loader on the market.

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