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Kiwi Fertiliser Case 721F Wheel Loader

Clayton and Mandy Tisdall have built up their rural contracting business in the deep south through hard work, consistency and reliability. These traits are reflected in their choice of machinery, having adopted the Case CX130C excavators as best suited to their needs.

“Good machines, lots of power, run well, smooth, good on fuel. There’s no rattles, just a well built machine.”

“AdvanceQuip have been really, really good to us, just really good to deal with… the back-up has been brilliant”


Kiwi Fertiliser Case 721F Wheel Loader

Kiwi Fertiliser moved their Volvo on and bought their first Case wheel loader in 2016 so we caught up with Allan Stretton, their Stores Manager and Operator, Vic to see how it was all going.

“Visibility for the operator is unbelievable… The ease of controls and the comfort, really good… We find it so efficient, and the speed of loading so good.”

“Service-wise, the back up is tremendous. I’d recommend AdvanceQuip for the Case loader to anybody!”


Swale Earthmoving CASE TV380 and CX145CSR Excavator

Swale Earthmoving has been operating for 38 years on the north side of Auckland. Owner Dave Swale explains how the Case TV380 CTL and CX145C SR short radius excavator help him get the job done.

“Reliability is one of the biggest things I look for when I’m buying machines, and comfort, and definitely fuel economy. Serviceability on the machines, everything opens up and we can get at everything, even with the TV380, very impressive.”

“I’ve dealt with AdvanceQuip for a few years now, always been very helpful, always very pleasant to deal with, anything goes wrong they’re out in a flash. More than happy!”


P1040928 - 1

Log processors Hautapu Pine Products have four wheel-loaders moving products around the yard or loading and unloading trucks, and the company has been loyal to the CAT brand for years.

“One difficulty we started coming across was a machine to safely lift the empty five-axle logging trailers which are common nowadays,” says manager Mark Benson. “The existing brand was a bit light in the back end and especially the latest model we bought was really struggling to lift the trailers,” he says. Another problem being encountered with the old loaders was cracking of the loader frame due to the undulating ground in the yard. The steel was just a bit light.

“A suggestion was made to take a look at CASE, so that’s what we did,” Mark says. “I paid particular attention to the hydraulic ram size and the overall build quality, especially the thickness of the steel frame, and whether the machine of the same size as our others would handle those trailers.”

Buying the CASE 721F has fixed the problem of lifting empty five axle trailers, thanks in part to the weight distribution of the new machine. This model and all others in the Case wheel loader range between 10 and 20 tonne operating weight feature a mid-machine mounted cooling system positioned right behind the cab. Along with that area being one of the least dust-affected areas on the machine, it also allows the engine and transmission to be placed further to the rear, improving weight distribution, load capacity and stability.

“The power of the machine is great, and with the machine sitting stable we don’t have an issue lifting those trailers anymore,” says Mark. “I’m really happy with how things are going. It was a huge step for us to move from where we had been, especially when a brand loyalty has been built up over so many years,” Mark says.

“However, when we looked at what this 721F could do, and its price point compared to what we would have had to spend by purchasing a larger CAT, it was a no-brainer.”

Grader 865B.


IMG_4906 - Copy

Ronnie Pierce, the owner of Forestry Roading Services, bought a CASE 865B grader in September 2015, and in typical understatement he says “it’s turned out to be a fairly good sort of a tool.”

It’s got terrific cutting powers in the blade. It seems to peel the material back a lot more than any other grader I’ve ever used.

It’s very, very nimble and very, very fast, and has an excellent transmission for forward /reverse work. You can operate all day comfortably and effortlessly. The VHP variable horsepower, it clicks in when you want it and you just seem to have another level of cutting or pulling, whichever you want.

The mudguards and that were my design through a local engineer, we put them on it just to protect it. We do a lot of road travel. She gets round the roads at around 45k an hour so it’s reasonably fast there.

I’ve come off a Volvo 6 wheel drive; I would say this thing is probably better than what it (the Volvo) is in our type application, in many ways. Overall an excellent machine and hopefully it will do 20 or 30,000 hours.

Ronnie has been so pleased with the performance of his machine that in early 2017 he added a CASE CX130C excavator to his fleet – testament to his satisfaction with both the brand and the backup provided by AdvanceQuip.

Case Study – Oct 2016.


Noddy Green Case CX250C
Noddy Green Case CX250C

WT & DI Green Contracting Ltd is a specialty excavator and contracting operation run by Noddy Green, based out of Te Kuiti, about 80 kms south of Hamilton. Noddy started his business in 2005 and has employed up to 5 machine operators in his busier times but currently operating just one excavator (a CASE CX250C) contracting to several chosen key clients from the southern Waikato through to Rodney District in the north.

We caught up with Noddy at Stevenson’s Drury Quarry where he was working with his big hydraulic breaker. His specialty is breaking up oversize blasted quarry rock to a size that can be processed by the primary crushers. He had just finished breaking up a large amount of rock which had been stockpiled for him on the pit floor and had moved up to the top of the hill overlooking the quarry to break up some huge lava boulders as part of the preparation to extend the quarry towards the north.

His Case excavator still looks pretty mint as he has set it up with special polycarbonate shielding to protect the paintwork and machine components from the stones that get thrown out by the breaker. He has had the Case now for 14 months and worked it hard. “With the breaker and heavy duty hitch, the excavator has about 2½ tonne hanging off the front, but it’s impressive how stable it feels. It’s no problem to it at all.”

Noddy told us “We work the machine full days breaking rock. The machine has now done 2500 hours in the 14 months since we bought it, and they have nearly all been working hours, not walking hours. It has a very comfortable cab, a big improvement on my earlier machines. It is so quiet and very smooth. No problem working it all day every day. I had an SH220 which is very similar in capacity. Just all the improvements, quieter, smoother, more comfortable. This is our first machine from AdvanceQuip and they have been very good to deal with. They have provided good service and come when asked. When my old machine came up for replacing, Steve from AdvanceQuip was the only one (supplier) to call me back. Very happy overall and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend both AdvanceQuip and the Case brand to other operators.”

Case Study – Sept 2016.

Earthworks Aoraki – Excavator CX145CSR & Wheel Loader 821F


Mark Talbot of Earthworks Aoraki knows when he’s onto a good thing. He has recently invested in two Case machines, the CX145C short radius 14.5 tonne excavator and the 18 tonne 821F wheel loader to load out at his riverside aggregate extraction and screening operation. Having dealt with AdvanceQuip over a long period, Mark had the confidence to buy the brand, recently reintroduced into New Zealand, knowing he would enjoy the full support and backup he had come to appreciate already.

With a fleet of reliable machinery, coupled with a skilled and efficient staff line-up, they work on a wide range of projects from two-lot subdivisions through to multi-staged developments with more than 100 lots. They not only provide earthmoving services and shingle supply but are also a one-stop shop equipped and qualified to complete all service and drainage connections. The company also operates its sister company Aoraki Kerb and Channel Ltd from its site near Timaru.

Mark and his operators are exceptionally pleased with the performance of both the excavator and the loader. He said he was equally pleased with the ongoing support his company receives from Advancequip. The excavator is quiet, smooth and fuel efficient, and a pleasure to operate. The wheel loader is at a whole new level.

Mark had to think carefully when he decided to replace his previous loader, which was a 24-tonne Hyundai HL770-7 machine, and he admits he had initial reservations about replacing it with the smaller 18-tonne loader. He would have bought the next model up, the 921F, but stock was delayed a couple of months and he wanted to get it happening. However, his fears were allayed the day he put the new 821F to work, and he could see that not only could it handle the capacity of the load he required but that, in fact, it was also every bit as time-efficient as the larger machine it had replaced. It takes two full bucket-loads from the new 18-tonne machine to fill his six-wheelers, whereas, with the larger 24-tonne loader, it was taking one-and-a-half buckets, which at the end of the day resulted in the same number of trips from the stockpile to the truck and back anyway. With the Case 821F being more fuel-efficient than the old loader, he is making significant savings on fuel.

Another feature of the Case 821F is the unique design of the CASE cooling cube, which has five radiators mounted to form a cube instead of overlapping. This ensures a constant flow of fresh and clean air from the sides and from the top to maintain constant fluid temperatures. The cube structure provides easy access to radiators for more effective cleaning and serviceability and is cleaned by an automatically activated reverse-thrust fan that can also be operated manually should the need arise. Additional cleaning can also be easily done manually, with separate access to each radiator.

Mark has happily recommended AdvanceQuip as a machinery supplier for a long time but is now also a staunch advocate for the Case brand, having experienced first-hand the benefits and savings to be made from this competitively priced, premium line of equipment.

Andrews Transport – CX145CSR

Andrews Transport CX145CSR Short Radius Excavator
Andrews Transport CX145CSR Short Radius Excavator

Andrews Transport Contracting Manager has had his CX145CSR for 6 months now, and he says…

“The CASE CX145 is the most comfortable, smooth and stable short tail 14 tonne excavator I have ever operated. The average fuel usage of 8 litres/hr is also a winner for me. Would definitely recommend this unit”

Fulton Hogan Northland – PosiTrack PT100G & Stabiliser

“ Advancequip supplied our operation a new Terex Posi-Track PT-100G &  Schibeci ST1000 Stabiliser in late 2014.  A comprehensive induction process has been followed up by excellent post purchase service for parts and troubleshooting / problem solving we had early on. 

Our machine now has over 500 hours on the clock, and it has proved itself as a very reliable piece of plant.  Ben and the team from Advancequip have been great to deal with along the way.”


Waste Management – Wheel Loader (Transfer Station Manager)

My experience with AdvanceQuip has been exceptional. The loader we bought was and still is going well . Service given by the sales rep was better than other suppliers I have had to deal with.

As long as you know what machine you want for your site they can supply it. They make sure you are happy and they follow up to see how you are going..

Very good service, and very supportive sales reps.